Gone are the days where an email and phone call will make the difference between you and the “other guy” pushing his vapour wares. We’ve entered the era of social selling, where by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more are used as aids in the the selling process. What was once a bi-monthly check-in has become the day to day like, and the relationships building process has shifted to include an online component. If you haven’t started using these networks to build social capital with your top prospects don’t worry. Here’s how to get started:

1. Finding Social Profiles:

Use Zap to discover more about your prospects through their email address.
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2. Twitter and Facebook Notifications:

Assuming you follow a prospect, Twitter has a great hidden feature for receiving mobile notifications when they tweet. You can use this to keep up to date with what they’re sharing, and periodically engage with their content.

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You can use a similar functionality on Facebook that tells you when one of your prospects posts content.
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Like or comment on content on the fly without visiting the post by turning on the SMS notification feature inside Facebook’s advanced features.

3. Pre-meeting research:

Charlie app is a great tool for learning more about the people you have scheduled meetings with. These could be anything from in person coffee’s to over the phone introductions.

4. Daily recaps

LinkedIn Connected is a great way to do a daily grooming of your network. You can take action on things like birthdays, work anniversaries, new jobs, promotions, and more.


5.Google Alerts for people

Use Google Alerts to find out more about your prospects. Most common names require both a name and company.
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  • Centos VPS

    May 4, 2016 • Reply

    Social selling isn t about gimmicks or using the same old tricks to get the meeting. It s about a quiet revolution that is rapidly widening the gap between those who will succeed in sales tomorrow and those who will get left behind.

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