Introducing business card scan, web sync and more.

Zap is a digital business card you carry around in your pocket. Today we launched a few new features that will change how you connect with people during offline meetings at networking events, company parties, conferences and more. Here’s what’s new:

Web Sync

When you connect with people using Zap it now syncs with the web. This means you can follow up when you get to a computer, and opens up a new feature set for integrations with your favorite address books.

We have plans to make Zap for the web a core piece of your experience.

Scan & Invite

You can now scan business cards that have an email on them. We’ll read the email and send an invite to the card owner to swap a digital card with you.

Once they sign into Zap we’ll send you a notification to let you know they’ve been added to your contacts.

Revoke Access to cards

You can now revoke access to you card. Seeing who has your Zap card and revoking individual access helps you keep a healthy amount of inbound requests.

Meeting Recaps

We’ve changed how meeting recaps look and what they focus on. We’ve brought people, and where you can find them online to the forefront.

To try out these new features and more; visit the App Store today.

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