We’ve recently integrated with the Customer Relationship Management tool Insightly!

The integration is a powerful combination that helps you discover a lot of interesting details about the people you meet, then sync prospects with your CRM. Here’s how it works:

Discover more about people on the fly

Lookup using Zap from Zap on Vimeo.

Zap sits at the top of your funnel when you meet people offline. Discover more about the people you meet by simply asking for their email. Zap will look up the email and find out as much as it can about the person. You can send them your digital card on the spot and it will remember when and where you met.

Send the people you meet to Insightly

You can set Zap to send info you collect about people to Insightly automatically, or on a need by need basis. It will bring over everything they’ve shared with you, including phone number, email, social links, and more. Zap will even tag the contact with a note about the location and time you met.

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