This week we released an update to Zap that includes a bunch of great tools to help you strengthen your networking game.

Lookup people you meet

You can now look someone up even if they don’t have Zap. Tap search, type their email in and we’ll find as much as we can about the person online. From there, you can send them your card through a swap or just store the contact. We’ll send you a lookup report via email and you can access the lookup straight from your contacts on mobile or on the web.

Sync your contacts with your CRM


With the introduction of lookups, you can either exchange cards or simply lookup new contacts based on their email. We’ll build a profile of the person based on what we can find about them online. You can now tie¬†your CRM tool to your Zap account in the integration section, choose to automatically sync contacts or on a need by need basis.


When you meet someone new, you can now set reminders to follow up. We’ve been using this feature internally and it’s a really helpful way to find value in hidden places. Just checking in to say “Hey what’s going on!” leads to some pretty awesome outcomes.

Notifications refresh

lookupsWe’ve overhauled system messaging into tight, action driven emails. We want these system driven notification to be crazy stupid simple. Everything at your fingertips when you need it.


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