Building a business involves solving a deep set of problems with a central problem at it’s core (that which is faced by its customer). But, if you’re like me and can’t help but do things your own way, you may be contributing to your own lack of success. Problem solving at scale requires multiple perspectives, cultures, view points, and approaches. This variation brings your product or service to life, rather than chugging along as a single dimension solution.


Relationships as a resource:

The relationship as a resource is not a new concept, but it’s value can be interpreted in different ways. Relationships based on status or position is a common interpretation, but what about a relationship based on perspective?



Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you brought up a problem you were facing that seemed insurmountable, but for them, the solution seemed so obvious?

Relationships give you an outlet to explore an endless pool of perspectives against your problem set.

Curating this resource:

1.,, Segmented Facebook groups,, Twitter
Go out and meet people, or engage with people on subject matter that interests you.
2. Ask people what interests them
Interest matching is the easiest hinge to spark a conversation.
3. State your offer and your need
When people know what you need, or what you have to offer, they will often default to try and match you with someone they know that will have value for you. Give them the context to do this.

Tapping into the resource:

1. Check your ego at the door
The first step to tapping into your relationships as a resource is to admit your perspective can be enhanced. Check your ego at the door, it will stop you from learning more and in general just turns people off.
2. Be endlessly curious
Ask tons of questions, get to the root causes of things, ask people how they would act if they were in your shoes.
3. Ask for walk throughs
Walk throughs are an amazing way to learn from people. Have you ever watched a true professional do something and explain “why” they were doing those specific things in tandem?


Valuable perspectives when business building:

These aren’t the only perspectives that will help you, but people that match these criteria will always be able to impart some knowledge, and help you walk in new shoes.

1. People that have the problem (the customer) (problem match)
2. People who have dedicated themselves to a single aspect of business building (fundamentals match)
3. People who have navigated the the process of problem solving at scale before. (process match)

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